Our constructive challengers have been sitting behind the Tekla drawing table for over 20 years now, optimally shaping projects in their preparatory phase. We shifted up a gear with the arrival of a Revit specialist in 2020. Today, Tekla and Revit reinforce one another in all the aspects of the BIM building process, allowing us to work even more impeccably and hence, even more (cost) efficiently.

Tekla: BIM where the M stands for Modelling

Today, our team of work planners consists of 12 members, the large majority being experts in the 3D modelling software Tekla.

“Tekla has been a part of our digital workflow for almost 25 years”, Head of Work Planning Mark Broers explains. “We were one of the first industrial construction companies in the country that poured building designs into technical 3D plans.”

“This software is mainly used to finalise technical construction plans”, Tekla specialist Alexander Derenette adds. “Especially in the case of large steel constructions, Tekla is definitely an added value, because every steel connection incorporated in the 3D plan can be imported directly to our machines in the workshop.”

tekla and revit
Digital rendering of the Noesen-project: offices at the front of the building created in Revit, the industrial hall (purple) in Tekla.

Revit: BIM where the M stands for Management

In the past few years, Revit also gained an important seat in the day-to-day edibo functioning. Active specialist Kelly Theuwis is usually the first at play in the digital process.

“We mainly apply Revit to concrete constructions and conventional industrial buildings, like storage halls combined with a classic office building. This software displays its added value as early as the calculation phase. Based on the 2D plans we receive, we can quickly and very accurately estimate the cost of construction.”

“A second major asset is that the software is capable of adding graphic elements to the 3D model, like exterior joinery and interior finishing. This means that Revit can create a more photorealistic view of the project. This is a huge plus with regard to the communication between the contractor on the one hand and the architect and building consultant on the other. It enables them to identify with their project much easier, and us to clarify certain choices or recommendations.”

“Furthermore, Revit offers a significant added value in the field of management in a BIM project. You can easily link technical sheets to materials, enhancing communication between the different contractors on site. Even after we’re done and one or more contractors are still at work after our assignment”, Mark Broers continues.

“Later, there will be an even bigger role to play for building maintenance. In future, the building consultant will be able to obtain a digital twin of his building after delivery. In Revit, he will be able to read out where his building requires maintenance and when. We notice society is already evolving in this direction, so as industrial building partner, we are determined to hop on this digital train and ride it.”

Tekla and Revit: a ruthless tandem

And yet, the biggest advantage as building partner come from utilising both modelling software. Alexander Derenette: “Because we are able to detect potential clashes – construction errors – as early as the 3D model, we can limit errors during implementation to an absolute minimum.”

“Even more, all the information incorporated in the 3D model can easily be obtained by every party of the construction team. Up to the finest technical details and in a visually accessible way. This provides an open and clear communication beyond compare. The finished model can simply be added to the building consultant’s post-intervention file afterwards.”

Conclusion: thanks to this ruthless tandem, we can create an additional (cost) efficient cooperation culture during the entire building project, for every member of the building team.

Do you want to be a part of our BIM story?

School campus WICO in Pelt, the newly constructed industrial hall for steel distributor Noesen and this car dealership for luxury cars in Wommelgem are all just some examples of projects where Tekla and Revit have proven their significant added value.

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