Industrial construction for the food sector

Hygiene is paramount in an industrial building for the food industry. We reconcile the strict hygiene requirements your building must meet with efficient and practical layout of your rooms. This starts with a strong design and culminates in a high-quality implementation that is delivered on time. We are your suitable partner in industrial construction for the food sector.

Full attention to hygiene

We take the hygienic conditions both your employees and your products require on a daily basis into account when designing and constructing your industrial building. We always work with tailor-made solutions, given the great diversity of needs and (HACCP) requirements within the food industry. This will ensure the result is completely to your taste.

Expertise in specific rooms

Cold rooms, freezers, storage areas, air and moisture-tight walls, adapted artificial floors, etc. Industrial buildings in the food sector need very specific solutions to meet the strict daily production requirements. We have all the experience required to achieve this. We also pay strict attention to the ideal compartmentalisation of your building, whether it be an office, logistics hall, production hall or refrigerated hall.

edibo, your partner in industrial construction for the food sector

  • 40 years of experience
  • Internal engineering service and steel workshop
  • Project team set up for you
  • Design, implementation and after-service

Industrial construction for the food sector: what challenge do you have in store for us?

As an accomplished industrial builder with 40 years of experience, we understand the specific requirements an industrial building for the food sector must meet better than anyone. From hygiene and HACCP requirements to the right compartmentalisation, we provide the perfect design and implementation. Tell us all about your plans.

Getting to know each other

What can we do for you? We will make an appointment as soon as possible.

Plans on the table

Which design will we be working on next? If desired, we will engage an external architect for you.


Are you interested in working together? You will receive a detailed quotation from us.

Preliminary phase

From building design to implementation plans. Our ultimate goal: financial and construction optimisation.


We ensure the process on site is on time and runs smoothly, led by a project team that we put together for you.


And if you have any questions or wishes afterwards? We remain at your disposal.


A high quality and finish are the visual expressions of our realizations. But that quality guarantee also applies to the underlying collaborations. We are happy to tell you the full story behind our references, so that we can give you a nice overall picture of our projects. Or contact us in advance for an appointment.

Challenging buildings

Are you looking for a general contractor who loves to push the boundaries of industrial construction? One that embraces challenges and lives for great achievements? Welcome to edibo! With 40 years of experience in concrete and steel construction, we can get involved in any project without fuss. Moreover, we make it a point of honour to develop open collaboration.

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