In Wommelgem, close to Antwerp, our constructive challengers are currently hard at work with the renovation and extension of a car dealership selling Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche cars. Antwerp Business Unit Manager Maarten, who is also a project leader in this project, shares how we have approached this Design & Build project in our typical edibo way and how the buildings are already taking shape.

Renovation phase including an impressive technical feat

During this phase, we erected a new concrete structure inside an existing building. “The most difficult part of this project has been completed. We demolished the existing car wash and the concrete intermediate floor. As such, we created the space needed for a higher concrete intermediate floor, hydraulic lifts, a stairwell, new floors, internal walls and fire-resistant compartments, among other things.”

“An additional difficulty was that there were no correct, as-built plans of the underground sewerage system and conduits for the existing site.  So, in view of the excavation and foundation works that are due to be carried out, we first had to dig pilot trenches to avoid any damage to the underlying sewerage system. In other words, we had to proceed with caution!”

“But, in fact, the greatest challenge of this phase was the installation of the new, 12-metre-long intermediate floor under the existing roof. Due to the limited space, this was no easy feat. In addition, we had to install deep foundations using micropiles. And we did all of that with the existing sewers and cables nearby and under an existing roof.”

“Once all the works in this area have been completed, it will house both the new workshop for the cars and the technical storage rooms. In the meantime, the owners can continue their activities undisturbed, because we have neatly shielded our construction activities.”

New construction phase: mini car city in the making

In addition to the existing construction, many other buildings will soon be built. The site is expanding significantly, with a brand-new showroom, car wash, car lift, roof car park and social areas, among others.

“What stands out here the most are the roof car park and the high-quality, grey façade panels that define the typical Porsche look. Our Work Preparation Department is currently engaged in the technical preparation of this new construction and expansion phase. At edibo we will take care of the complete follow-up of the structural and engineering works up to and including the final completion of the buildings. Completion and delivery is scheduled for the end of this year.”

Expansion car dealership
The greatest challenge of this phase was the installation of the new, 12-metre-long intermediate floor under the existing roof.

“Always plan for sudden changes along the way”

Every car brand has its own visual and technical requirements when it comes to furnishing workshops and showrooms. Especially when those brands are Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini. What’s more, these requirements can change very quickly. Therefore, strong mutual communication is crucial, on- and off-site.

“Within this Design & Build project, we work together as part of a construction team that includes the architect and representatives of the developers and the external engineering firm. Given the nature of the project, we knew in advance that we would have to make a lot of adjustments during the actual construction phase,” Maarten, Antwerp Business Unit Manager, points out.

“This is precisely why it is so important to communicate quickly and clearly with all the parties involved. For us at edibo, the interaction with the subcontractors is also crucial. If we must deviate from the existing scenario due to a change in the plans, everyone within the chain must also be able to adapt quickly.”

“Extra focus within our own departments”

This ability to switch gears quickly applies even more to our internal departments at edibo. “Even with the slightest of adjustments, everyone – the Calculation, Work Preparation and Execution teams – must set to work immediately to implement the change. A structural change not only affects the planner’s 3D drawings, but can also affect the materials required, the overall budget and ultimately the schedule of the teams on site and of our subcontractors, for example.”

In signature edibo style

“What makes us constructive challengers in this project is our enormous flexibility. We know that in projects like these we have to think at least two steps ahead and act accordingly.”

“When you see how closely our Work Preparation Department is involved in this project and how effectively they communicate with the other members of the construction team, I believe that, as a client, you can leave your site in our hands with confidence. “These are the projects where we can fully prove ourselves as a team.”

What challenge do you have for us to tackle?

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