Our constructive challengers at edibosud performed a drastic total renovation on the existing Jaguar Land Rover garage in Waterloo. This resulted in a building with a completely new look that completely meets the high standards of the represented car brands. The project leader at that time, Jérôme Patigny will tell you everything about the progress of this exceptional and breath-taking showroom renovation.

From A to Z

“The existing buildings had been part of the local landscape for many years. The project the building consultant entrusted us with: a complete facelift of the façades and of the interior.”

“We replaced the existing façades with tight aluminium panelling and we renewed the windows. The renovated showroom exudes a lot more class today and fits in perfectly with the standing of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.”

“For the interior, we completely refurbished the commercial part, the customer reception area as well as the office spaces.”

To the millimetre

For the building consultant it was crucial that his showroom and workshop could remain open during the renovation works.

“We made some clear agreements with the building consultant about the work areas we needed to install. Despite our use of a large crane and the presence of many construction materials on site, we always managed to make do with the space we were appointed on the construction site, so that the building consultant could keep receiving his customers in all style and comfort.”

Craftsmanship to the smallest details

Façade demolition and renovation, new windows, the complete interior refurbishment including new floors, drywalls, suspended ceilings and paintworks: edibosud was given full trust by the building consultant for this project. Only the electricity works and the integration of a couple of special technologies fell out of our scope.

“We needed to monitor every detail from up close, especially in the case of the garage doors, that were completely made of glass, with an eye-catching result: the renewed garage now certainly displays a lot of character. This is particularly highlighted with the very specific lighting.”

Dream Team

A car dealership in Waterloo, right next to a busy roundabout, is no unmistakable place for a construction site.

“We owe a lot to the strong and determined building partners that partnered with us for this project. The new windows, for instance. There were quite a number of companies who were capable of removing the old windows and install new ones; but not in less than a week’s time! Therefore, the end result is a shared success, partly thanks to the unique qualities of the different building partners.”

“The same goes for the architect. During the collaboration, he always communicated with an open vision. This way, every construction party was able to reach their highest level to in the end, deliver the desired result.”

Custom-made materials

The renovated façades consist of tailor-made aluminium façade panels. “The supplier responsible came to measure the different dimensions of the building before starting to produce and fold the panels.”

“After that, he came by the site once more to inspect and to implement any possible changes. The final panels connected perfectly thanks to the almost surgical precision of the supplier.”

An exceptional showroom

A project with a finish level this high comes with at least the same high expectations by the client. “So far, this project is the one and only Jaguar-Land Rover-project I ever managed. I did, in the past, collaborate with showrooms and garages from other car brands.”

“But even though every brand has its own unique wishes, there are a number things that keep coming back in this industry. The first few times you are still learning a lot but after a certain amount of time, you start growing these automatisms. What never changes, however, and what is still most important, is that all the attention is given to the client’s requests. If we keep prioritising this, everything else just falls into place.”

Beautiful challenges

What were the most important challenges in this project and how did our constructive challengers overcome them?

“Timing was very strict. Since the workshop and the showroom had to stay operational during the works, coordination between the construction partners needed to be optimal.”

“The first thing that comes to mind are the floor works. The floor installer had to reconciliate placing the tiles with the rest of the works around him. An ongoing juggling between an eye for detail and not jeopardising the planning. A very complex situation but honestly: I love that. It’s those things that teach me a lot.”

A matter of skill

The construction world is a rather small world. That is why every link in this unit was perfectly aware of what was expected of them. Resulting in a very close collaboration. “For instance, I knew the heating specialist in this project from a previous realisation. I know exactly how he works and that I could count on someone with a lot of expertise.”

“It is very important in these types of projects to know you are working with a team that transcends stress levels and that is open to communication, yet, that likes to think along. When for instance the client or their architect approaches us with a specific demand, we always try to understand the question first, instead of simply executing it. This way, we are often able to come to an even better solution for all parties involved.”

Ironclad collaboration and organisation

For this project, we collaborated with quite a small construction team. This enabled us to proceed steadily, with regard to communication as well as to decision-making.

“The site meetings had been very clear from the start, which made the exchange of information with the other construction partners very hands-on. Great for a project leader to build on!”

The edibo signature

The end result in Waterloo: a grateful client, for maintaining the deadline as well as for the completed works. “It is paramount to emphasise, though, that we did not achieve this on our own. From the design stage to the very last works on the site: this realisation is the result of a marvellous partnership.”

“The edibo signature in this? In this project, this was mainly found in the solid daily follow-up and creating a pleasant experience for the client during the works.”

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