With 7 shops, the Barracuda Company is the top seller of electric bicycles in Brussels and Wallonia. We joined forces for the new construction of a storage hall, workshops and offices. Project leader Cyril Sollas runs us through the most important stages and challenges in this project filled with flexible deadlines.

The project: three total assignments

Our constructive challengers were commissioned for the new construction of:

  • 1 storage hall
  • 1 area for workshops
  • Office spaces

“We were responsible for the complete structural works and the interior design, apart from the special technology.”

“Typical for this project was our tremendous flexibility towards timing. We were in constant direct communication with the building consultant, which allowed us to quickly and efficiently reply to all inquiries and needs, during the works on site as well as for additional fitting-out works or last minute changes requested by the client.”

Patience is a virtue

“Before we initiated the works on the construction site, we scheduled a couple of meetings with the construction team to go over the schedule, the orders … and to align all of our thoughts and ideas. During the building process, we regularly took the time to convene; a total assignment requires this type of hyper focus.”

“Still, sometimes we had to make small adjustments to the schedule. For instance, when we were ready to complete the final works, the building consultant asked us to postpone by a month in order to better align our activities to those of the external fellow-contractors.”

Other challenges

1. Eight weeks of delivery delay recovered

“Ever since the start of the works, it was all hands on deck. We were forced to start with an eight-week delay due to delivery issues of the concrete panels. All we could do at that point was to make up as much time as possible and shift up a couple of gears. And we succeeded miraculously!”

2. Incredible flexibility

“During the construction works, the building consultant asked us to revisit his floor finishing. Instead of linoleum floors, he went for tile flooring. However, tiles are very sensitive to moisture when combined with concrete panels or screed. That meant, we had to revisit that timeline as well.”

“Finally, as requested by the client, we added various ceilings, walls and rooms. Absolute millimetre precision to warrant our client’s satisfaction.”

Typical edibo?

“When I as project leader look back on this project, I feel mainly proud about the fact that we were able to deliver this site within the set deadline. Further, I am extremely proud of the level of finishing; the large sliding windows in the exterior joinery, the steel balustrades, carpets, linoleum and tile flooring … The result is magnificent!”

“As per usual, flexibility is a large key to success at edibo. Agreements with the building consultant were always pretty straightforward, without unnecessary mailing or tedious communication procedures. This way, the interaction with the building consultant was very constructive and pleasant.”

“In summary, the Barracuda Company was very pleased with our response time, our solution-minded way of thinking oriented towards keeping costs as low as possible and respecting mutual agreements. That’s what we strive for in the end!”

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