After a period where the word distance was mainly centralised, it is time to reconnect at edibo. The initiative that is intended to support us in this quest is the welfare questionnaire by Mensura, our External Department for Prevention and Protection at Work.

The 5 L’s

How do you ask over 135 site workers, work shop employees and clerks, spread over numerous sites and three different branches, how they are doing? Not a simple assignment, yet, one that is needed.

After more than two years of lockdowns and social distancing, we really wanted to know what was going on in the heads of our constructive challengers. Once more because COVID-19 has pushed all of us with our backs against the wall.

So, we got on with it. Overseen by the external prevention service Mensura, we summoned all our employees to participate in SONAR, an elaborate welfare questionnaire, which focuses primarily on the 5 L’s:

  • Labour content: work pressure, job variation, physical and/or mental load…
  • Labour organisation: organisational structure, participation, management, company culture…
  • Labour conditions: training opportunities, evaluation, salary, leave…
  • Labour situation: safety on the work floor, material resources, noise pollution…
  • Labour relations: support and appreciation, co-workers, managers…

Apart from that, at the end of the questionnaire participants get the opportunity to indicate any issues or items for consideration that are outside category.

Learning and taking action

So, we focus on the individual wellbeing as well as the contentment related to colleagues, superiors and even the organisation as a whole. Participation is completely optional, confidential and anonymous.

It is the second time that we roll out this type of trajectory to gauge our employees’ wellbeing. This exercise first took place in 2017. Our intention is to obtain a clear overview of the strong points but also the weaker points on and next to the work floor.

We will then start working with the results of the questionnaire internally. We will present them to our Advisory Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work, translate them into improvement proposals and then into specific customised workshops. We will eventually include this entire trajectory into our global prevention plan and our annual action plan.

Time to catch up!

With this welfare questionnaire we want to lay the foundations for our next promising five years. In other words, it will be a very instructive 2022 for edibo. In the meantime, we’ll try our hardest to casually catch up as well as possible for all the moments we missed in the past two years.