Every year, a number of colleagues from our offices and from the steel workshop in Lommel attend the Fire Safety training course. They do so voluntarily. After that, they become part of our First Aid Intervention Team: if it ever gets too hot for edibo-feet, they keep their heads cool and their colleagues’ safety secured. This includes any potential fire extinguishing jobs up to final evacuation. 

No unnecessary luxury

Welding, gas storage, fuels and solvents, paint booths with potential explosion hazard… There are a number of factors present in the steel workshop that could cause a potential fire.

We try to limit these risks to an absolute minimum with our strict safety regulations, awareness and a detailed fire intervention plan. In order to gain just that little extra promptness and security at our Lommel site, we regularly organise training courses on how to use fire safety equipment.

Fireproof from construction site to office building

Just like we freshen up the knowledge of our site foremen on how to use fire safety equipment every year, it was now up to our colleagues in the offices and the workshops.

For two hours, a member of the local fire brigade gave out useful information and instructions. How to recognise an incipient fire? When is a fire no longer controllable? What types of fire safety equipment are there?

We finished with a couple of practical tests and simulations of potential fire scenarios, like putting out a deep fryer, or even a human being.

All the participants looked back on a very informative morning and therefore, we would really like to thank everyone for their commitment.