Safety culture

This safety trajectory, in close collaboration with NOA Academy, aims to create a larger safety awareness and to reduce the number of incidents and occupational accidents.

We specifically aspire to build an active safety culture together, with everyone taking on their responsibility to protect their own and their colleagues’ safety.

Interactive trajectory

The trajectory started off with a two-day seminar for the management team and the department heads, followed by a seminar for the site and project managers.

Afterwards, every edibo constructive challenger will get the opportunity to give input and feedback about safety, in the form of individual interviews. How about safety on sites and in the workshop today? Where and how can we do better?

After these interviews, we will conduct several workshops with mixed groups, where our employees will get the chance to brainstorm and completely share their ideas with regard to safety.

De werf- en projectleiders gaven alvast het goede voorbeeld.

Up to the edibo safety values

The end goal of this entire safety trajectory? Determining the edibo safety values. That is why it is very important that everyone is individually involved in this course. With a positive approach we can turn this cooperation into a (safety) story we all take part in.

Campaign starts after the summer

The first planning (until after the workshops) is scheduled until the annual construction leave. The official start of an edibo safety campaign will be after the construction leave, ensuring a dynamic follow-through in view of our ultimate goals.

At edibo and edibosud we believe that we will make great strides in creating a(n even) safer work environment!