Roof restorations are all the rage right now, even in the (industrial) corporate world. This mainly has a lot to do with the premiums that up to the end of 2025 are allocated to companies that replace asbestos roofing to then have solar panels installed. Federal Eco Foam in Lommel has given the right example. Calculator Salesman Marc Pellens and Project Leader Louis Corens are happy to give you a short rundown of the roof restoration we performed for this company.

The project

Federal Eco Foam produces and distributes recycled foam that is used as filling for furniture or sports mats, or as a protective or insulating material; for the most diverse sales markets.

Their existing production and storage halls had been in use for more than 25 years. It was time for an extensive renovation project. The first phase consisted of the renovation of the roofs of 4 halls, totalling 4,000 m²:

  • Disassembly of the asbestos containing roof plates
  • Installing insulated eco panels
  • Fitting reinforcements for the roof structure in view of the future installation of solar panels
  • Installing new light transmitting roof panels
  • Disassembling PVC drain channels and fitting new aluminium drain channels

Maximum flexibility, maximum safety

“Even though we are mainly responsible for the overall coordination of entire construction projects, we notice a definite rise in the demand for industrial roof renovations. We are able to distinguish ourselves here by successfully completing less traditional roof renovations in a well-thought-out and safe way”, Louis Corens indicates.

Marc Pellens agrees: “Knowing that we only had one month to complete this entire assignment – which translates to 1 week per hall – it’s noticeable how clients go for the construction company with the required capacity and safety warranties, that can efficiently and qualitatively execute this type of project. Moreover, this was a Seveso company with additional safety requirements.”

“Nice collaboration with proper arrangements”

“The second large challenge of this project was the continuous coordination between the building consultant and the contractors’ teams”, Louis Corens continues. “Their production goods had to be protected at all times, which meant that we had to work in tandem, hall by hall. This meant: emptying the hall, disassembling the existing roof, fitting the new roofing and ultimately repositioning the goods.”

“This required an intense communication, which ran seamlessly in this project. We are able to look back at a nice collaboration from start to finish; also thanks to the wonderful efforts of our engineers and work planners.”

Every assignment deserves our focused attention

Is your company’s roof restoration imminent or is there another challenging renovation project looming? Place your project in the skilled hands of the edibo team. Come and share your plans with us in a non-binding meeting, and in the meantime take a look at our realisations throughout a variety of industries.