A first-aid kit is indispensable in an emergency if first aid is required. You never want to use them, but in an emergency, they are an indispensable tool.

During the last annual first-aid training for our foremen, our own first-aid kits were opened and a number of products found to be missing. Questions regarding whether it was possible to add eye-rinse equipment to the first-aid kit were raised. This meant the existing first-aid kits used by our assembly teams were too small.

We therefore decided to replace the first-aid kits with larger models during the first week of the latest construction leave. Now, when you open the case, you have a good overview of what’s inside, which will ensure less time is lost in an emergency.

See the result for yourself in the photos.

The old cases used by our assembly teams have been equipped with basic contents again and will be used on projects where there are no full teams of our own.

In October 2021, all our first-aid kits will undergo an annual check and be replenished where necessary (by Covarmed).