Abolishing the traditional ad hoc safety days and investing in a training day customised to the target group. That’s the set-up behind our edibo Academy, that has successfully completed its first year. Following our construction workers in October, it was time for our workshop workers to gather for a well-filled but interesting day loaded with tips and tricks.

edibo Academy?

Flexibility and performance are the two main pillars in the edibo HR policy. To come to better results, every separate individual needs to be able to self-develop to the max. With the integration of the edibo Academy, we administered a solid injection of quality to the existing training programs.

The set-up: to offer specific theoretical and practical training courses customised to the target audience. Our workers of construction, workshop and warehouse gather in different groups on site, where throughout the day they attend sessions offered by colleagues or external partners. The set-up is different for our white-collar employees: they can attend a two-monthly edibo Academy session of about two hours.

From forklift training to ergonomics tips

Participated in our most recent edibo Academy in October were our machine operators, compilers, welders, benders as well as painters from the workshop. Depending on their exact function, they were presented a customised offer to work with all day.

Our welders got a refreshment course about the various settings of the welding machines. They were also given the opportunity to showcase their newly acquired knowledge onto test pieces and this way, obtain their new welding certificates.

edibo academy
Participated in our most recent edibo Academy in October were our machine operators, compilers, welders, benders as well as painters from the workshop.

For our benders, we had a mock-up built so that we were able to show in detail which quality requirements the delivered bending should always comply with. There were also forklift training sessions scheduled – among other courses -, we talked in-depth about the aspect ‘order and cleanliness’ and we gave an initiation to our foreign co-workers about working safely with the travelling crane.

Overall, everyone attended a training session about tips and tricks with regard to ergonomics while welding or manual handling of loads, and together we looked at how everyone can consult their own digital personnel file. We also discussed a number of improvement points in the field of communication.

We’ll meet again next year, because then it’s again our construction workers’ turn to attend a new edition of edibo Academy.

Cooperating with an industrial construction partner that is always up-to-date?

As an industrial building partner, counting more than 40 years of experience, we know that standing still is not an option. That’s why internally, we are always looking to improve and to grow.

Thanks to initiatives like our edibo Academy, you can be sure as our construction partner, that there’s a team behind your project that provides the highest quality in theory and in practice. What that looks like in an actual cooperation? Request a meeting and we’ll fill you in. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our realisations.